The Best Cellar, Full-Service Wine Storage: “The Service is The Difference.”

After years of managing some of the most prestigious private wine collections in the country, Jeff Smith is bringing the same level of service to off-site private wine storage at The Best Cellar. The warehouse was configured for wine storage by Christie’s auction house, with state of the art insulation, refrigeration, racking and security. The Best Cellar is the ideal location for collectors who have outgrown their home cellar or simply wish to store their wines in a safe, secure, and temperature controlled environment.


The Best Cellar offers full service wine storage, beginning with a complete and accurate physical inventory of every bottle. The data is organized into an easy-to-use computer spreadsheet and an elegant personalized wine list. Additional text fields include—where available—scores, drink-by dates, and current pricing for insurance purposes or legal valuation.

We’ll organize and consolidate your collection into numbered, standard-sized boxes so you only pay for the wine you have in storage, not empty space.

Concierge Services

We’ll pick up and deliver wine anywhere you need it, when you need it. We’ll adjust your inventory to reflect new purchases and wines pulled for your consumption. Our suite of Concierge services will make you wonder why you’ve been breaking your back all this time. Our motto at The Best Cellar is this simple: “The Service is The Difference.” ™

The Best Cellar is open 7 days a week, by appointment.


Moving your collection into a new home or cellar can pose certain unique challenges. The Best Cellar is a one-stop solution that can alleviate most of the hassles and protect your valuable investment. The Best Cellar will help organize your move in refrigerated trucks, perform a physical inventory, and store your wine on pallets in our temperature controlled warehouse for as long as you need on a month-to-month basis. As soon as you are ready, we will coordinate delivery and put the wine away so you can begin enjoying your collection as soon as possible. Your bottles will never lose their chill.