Inventory Management

Carte du Vin puts you in control of your wine cellar.

The core of Carte du Vin is wine inventory management. A wine collection represents a significant investment, and one of their most cherished assets. Being able to locate specific bottles, and then identify reviews, scores, current valuation, and drink-by dates, has become a significant component of the enjoyment of your wine. Carte du Vin works with the best cellar management tools so that collectors can track inventory, and make knowledgeable decisions on what to consume.

As every collection is different, Carte du Vin takes a tailored approach to every cellar we work on. It starts with a free consultation of the wines currently in the cellar, and the direction that the collection is headed. Next comes a physical inventory with organization by type, region, variety, producer, and vintage utilizing Cellar Tracker, or your choice of cellar management technologies. The result is a well-manicured cellar, a detailed inventory that is viewable online or iPad app, and a plan to manage the inventory going forward.

Carte du Vin also provides ongoing cellar maintenance for clients who require it. Once the initial inventory has been performed, we can work with you to make certain it is always up to date.

Acquisitions and Sales

Obtaining the collection that you want is an ongoing process. Whether you are short on the wines that you like, or heavy on wines that are no longer to your palate, Carte du Vin can assist. Selling part, or all, of your collection can be an enormous task for any collector to handle. Carte du Vin will work with you to create a selling strategy to maximize profits, while handling the packing, logistics, and organization simultaneously. We work with every major auction house, as well as local buyers and retailers. We negotiate terms on behalf of the consignor, and together we will achieve the results that you desire. Appraisals acquired at no cost to the collector, and usually can be obtained in a few days. We can also keep your inventory up to date after the sale so that you are not tasked with a mess. Buying wine presents its own set of challenges for many collectors. Locating specific wines, identifying current market prices, or navigating the auction world for the best selections, take time and know-how. Carte du Vin relies on strong relationships with retailers and auction houses to purchase the wines that you need, not only at the best possible price, but with consideration of provenance and bottle condition. Whether stocking up the cellar with everyday wines, purchasing bulk wines for events, or locating original wood cases of First Growths and Grand Crus, Carte du Vin can help you accomplish your goals. Our service can also include white glove delivery service directly to your cellar, and updating your online inventory.


Wine is delicate and requires the right touch when moving from one location to the next. Our moving services can consist of inventories, packing into proper boxes, temperature-controlled storage and logistics, unpacking at the future destination, and complete inventory and organization in the new cellar. We can move your collection across town, or across the country, and manage the process the entire way. We alleviate the hassles of moving a collection while protecting your investment in transit, and all at competitive rates. If you are seeking complete confidence that your collection will be handled properly, put it in our hands.

Disaster Relief

When disasters happen in or near the cellar, it takes an experienced approach to handle the wine proficiently and professionally. Fire and water disasters present a time-sensitive concern, and there are many components of preserving your asset from further damage. Carte du Vin is positioned to handle the entire process including inventory, packing, short-term storage, and legal valuation for claims. Carte du Vin will return the wine to you and put it away better than before.


Carte du Vin provides accurate and up-to-date appraisal for:

  • Insurance purposes or claims
  • Legal valuation
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable donations
  • Auction