About Us

“Jeff Smith combines his passion for wine, his methodical personality and his computer skills to help other collectors maintain their cellars.”
—Wine Spectator

Carte du Vin wine cellar management offers the most complete wine cellar services available. From inventory management to wine acquisitions or liquidations, our services provide collectors with the most enjoyment from their cellar. Founded in Los Angeles in 2002, Carte du Vin has assisted hundreds of prominent collectors worldwide to achieve their collecting goals. Whether your needs are for a single occasion or you require recurrent service, Carte du Vin is the right choice for your wine cellar.

“For collectors who want to keep track of their thousands of bottles of fine wine, Jeff Smith is the organization man.”

Carte du Vin Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2002 by Jeff Smith to provide wine cellar management services to private collectors globally. As a wine enthusiast himself, Jeff identified that he needed to bring harmony into the chaotic world of wine collecting. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and CNN as a leader in wine cellar management, Jeff quickly proved to the wine world why such a need for his services exists. While inventory and organization remain a core division of the business, Carte du Vin now provides a menu of of unique wine services to hundreds of collectors with all types and sizes of collections around the country. When you work with Carte du Vin, it is clear why we are the best option for your wine collection needs.

“He calls it ‘wine cellar management.’ Clients call it a godsend.”